Etawah Jail becomes Epicenter of communal harmony, courtesy Navratra, Ramzan


Lines written by a poet on the example of Hindu-Muslim unity, “Ali base Diwali mein, Ram base Ramzan mein, fark bata do mere bhai allah aur bhagwan me”. At present these lines of the poet are being translated into reality in the District Jail in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah as a unique example of communal harmony is being seen in the jail. Along with the Hindu prisoners, three Muslim prisoners are also observing Mata’s fast for 9 days. The holy month of Ramzan has also started from Friday in which 54 Muslim prisoners are fasting. Special arrangements have also been made by the jail administration for the prisoners regarding Navratri and Ramzan.

It is said that ibadat and puja can be done anywhere, just that there should be true faith in the mind. Everywhere is the best place to worship your ‘favourite’ God, a living example of this is being seen in the District Jail. Jail prisoners are engrossed in the devotion of Shakti these days, where 564 prisoners had kept Navratri fast on the first day, the same 314 prisoners are fasting for 9 days.

Three Muslim prisoners are also included in the 314 prisoners who observe Navratri fast. Aamir Parvez alias Guddu, who lives near Pakka Talab, who has been in jail for a long time, has already observed a fast of 9 days three times. Apart from this, Naseem, a resident of village Samdhan in Kannauj district, and Amir, a resident of Mohalla Karaul of the city, are also observing fast for nine days. Along with other prisoners, these three Muslim prisoners are going to the temple of the jail and offering prayers and also praising the mother. The month of Ramadan has started from Friday. 54 Muslim prisoners are fasting in the jail, 50 men and four women are also included in these prisoners. At this time, the prisoners are engaged in seeking forgiveness for their sins by worshiping Allah in the jail along with worshiping Shakti.

Muslim serve Ram Navami yatris in Bharatpur

Meanwhile, the festival of Ram Navami was celebrated on March 30 with enthusiasm across the country. Processions were taken out in different cities on the occasion. During the huge Shobha Yatra being taken out in Bharatpur of Rajasthan, flowers were showered by helicopter and people were amused to see the scenes. On the other hand, the people of the Muslim community set an example of brotherhood and communal harmony by showering flowers with enthusiasm on the procession.

Apart from this, the community also arranged cold water for the people. There was more crowd during the yatra than last year. This time the main reason for the crowd gathering was the showering of flowers by helicopter. Preparations for this procession were started by Hindu organizations a month in advance. Adequate arrangements were made by the district police administration for this yatra. A member of the muslim self-help organisation said that every year a procession is organized in Bharatpur on Ram Navami. But this time, to make it special, people involved in this yatra were showered with flowers from a helicopter. This yatra started from Kumher Gate and culminated at the MSJ Sports Ground with Maha Aarti. A large number of people from rural areas also participated in this procession. The Muslim community had installed counters to distribute food and water to those taking part in the yatra.

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