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Amid the craze and trending posts on ICC World Cup 2023 which concluded on 19 November. A clipped video is going viral showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles leaving the Australian Cricket team captain, Pat Cummins alone on the stage with the trophy.

Source : X

Viral video claiming disgraceful hosting by India

A Pakistani journalist with username @KazmiWajahat on X shared the clipped viral video with the caption, “India proved itself to be the most disgraceful host!” Several Pakistani users and other users on X, have also shared the clipped video with similar captions claiming that India proved to be the most disgraceful host at ICC World Cup 2023.

Source : X
                                               Source : X
                                              Source : X

Fact Check

On investigation we found out the complete original video on YouTube. In the complete video it can be seen that PM Modi and Australian Deputy PM Richard Marles  awarded the trophy to Pat Cummins, congratulated him and then left the stage.

In the clipped viral video only those 4 seconds where PM Modi and Richard Marles are leaving is shown to mislead the audience with misleading captions.


Hence, it is proved that the viral video is misleading and the claim that India proved to be the most disgraceful host during the ICC World Cup 2023 is false.

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