RBI going to issue new notes of 500 on Pran Pratishtha Day. Fact-Check reveals reality

RBI going to issue new notes of 500 on Pran Pratishtha Day. Fact-Check reveals reality

A viral image on social media platforms shows the illustration of Lord Rama on one side while the second side depicts Ram Mandir on the new note. Social media users are fervently sharing this image and claiming RBI will issue new notes on the day of Pran Pratishta at Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.


X user by the name of Veena Bakshi shared this image on X(Twitter) and wrote: “Gandhi bye bye!!!??!!!”

Followed by Veena Bakshi, several others were found sharing this image and making similar claims on social media platforms.

Facebook and Linkedin

Our Investigation reveals

Times Headline examined the official website of the RBI. No such press release was found in the context of the above viral claim. As per section 22 of the RBI Act 1934, the Reserve Bank of India has the exclusive right to issue bank notes in India. But the final decision on the design of the note etc. completely depends on the government.

RBI website


If RBI had issued such notes, it would have definitely made headlines in the mainstream media.

Upon searching some relevant keywords, Times Headline did not get any such news claiming that Government of India or RBI has announced the release of new notes of ₹ 500.

Subsequently, a careful observation the above viral image suggested a watermark on it ‘@raghunmurthy07’ who shared it with the caption in Kannada: “Ram devotee Gandhi also wanted the same”.(English translation)

Rs 500 is written in Kannada and English in the viral image but in the original note, it is written in Hindi and English.

Notably, the same images were found on other blogs, having the same serial number. Also, below the image in the design, is written in Kannada and English, while it is in Hindi and English.


Fact-Check by Times Headline proves that the viral image of the new ₹ 500 note has been digitally edited since neither the government nor the Reserve Bank of India has made any such announcement of issuing new notes of ₹ 500 depicting the image of Lord Rama or Ram Mandir.

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