Viral video shows tanker ship in a blaze due to Houthis attacks in Red Sea.

A video is making rounds on social media sites showing a tanker ship at the blaze. Social media users are sharing this video and claiming that Yemen made the Red Sea hell for Israel and its friends

Taking to X(Twitter), X user by the  name of Babar Khan Niazi posted this video and claimed: “Yemen made the Red Sea hell for Israel and its friends”

Source: X account

Followed by Babar Khan Niazi, another X user named Yemeni Soldier also posted this video and wrote: “Stop Genocide in Gaza! Otherwise.. “

Source: X account


Times Headline converted the video into some keyframes and reverse-searched it on Google which led us to a news article published by the Maritime news website ‘Fleet Mon ’ from Dec 21, 2023. In this article, Fleet Mon mentioned: “Fire erupted on board of tanker NEW BRIGHT in the afternoon Dec 21 when the ship was sailing downstream in Yangtze river, near Sutong Bridge, Shanghai, en route from Changzhou to Incheon Korea”

Moreover, Images discovered in Fleet Mon’s news article were quite similar to the ship in the viral video. We  have provided a collage below showcasing the similarity.


Fact-check by Times headline proves that the viral video is not related to Houthi attacks but it shows a Korean ship passing the Yangtze River in Shanghai.

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