Fake Check: Virat Kohli’s mother suffering health issues?

Fake Check: Virat Kohli’s mother suffering health issues?

A claim is making rounds on the Internet about Indian cricketer Virat Kohli’s mother, Saroj Kohli.

What is the claim?

It has been claimed by Multiple users on the Internet that Virat Kohli’s mother, Saroj Kohli is suffering health issues. She has not been well for a few days. A few users also claimed that she is suffering from liver issues.

 Users claiming Saroj Kohli’s suffering from health issues 

Fact Check

We investigated the viral claim During the process we found Vikas Kohli, the brother of Virat Kohli, confirmed that their mother is in good health. He took to his Instagram story to address the false news, emphasizing that his mother is perfectly fine.

He wrote, “Hello everyone… I have noticed that there is this fake news about our mother’s health that has been circulating. Let me be clear that our mom is absolutely fit and fine and also i will request the media also please not to circulate such news without proper information. Thanks everyone for your concern”

Vikas Kohli’s Instagram story

Furthermore, numerous media outlets have also covered the story, affirming that the viral news is fake.

Hindustan Times
India Today


Thus, from the fact check it is clear that the viral claim is fake.

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