Kashmir’s martial arts inspiration Fiza Nazir is creating ‘knock out girls’ in the Valley

(Dr Shujaat Ali Quadri)

Fiza Nazir, a leading name in the world of martial arts, is now inspiring other girls of Kashmir to work hard and with dedication to make their dreams come true. Twenty-year-old Fiza is also the winner of the 2018 Best World Woman Fighter Award. She won five gold medals in five international matches and competed in 11 national championships and five federations. She recently won gold in the Asia MMA Championship.

Fiza says, “I started playing martial arts in school and my performance improved, after which I started competing at the district and state level and finally in 2016, I got the privilege of playing my first international match.”

Fiza says that the entire family was supportive of her throughout the journey. Sportsmanship is in my blood. Fiza has also played and won against countries like China, Bhutan and Philippines. Fiza says that playing martial arts is a source of great satisfaction and energy for her.

She says that winning or losing is part of the game, but giving moral support to a player increases his chances of success. Due to this passion and dedication, Fiza also said goodbye to her education.

She said, “What I like most about sports is discipline. Once you are in the game, your mind forgets everything. She lives in the middle of the city and it is difficult for me to go out during the chaos, but I have made it my goal to not give up my practice no matter what the cost.”Fiza was just eight years old when her father enrolled her in a sports academy run by a private coach to learn martial arts. After school and tuition, she trained in martial arts. She had to face many hardships at an early age to fulfill her father’s dream. “Although it was my father’s decision, I am proud that he made the right decision for my bright future,” she said.

After years of training, 20-year-old Fiza has now mastered the art of martial arts. Also participating in various competitions around the world. This young martial arts champion from Fatehkadal area of the old city of Kashmir won 11 gold medals and green, blue and yellow belts in the Thang Ta sport. She has experience of playing 11 nationals and five associations. She has also won nine silver, seven bronze and five state medals.

Her passion for sports is evident from the fact that in 2018, when Sambhav was in class 12, she left her academic session to participate in the International Thang Ta Championship held in Imphal, Manipur. She says, “I was a medical student and I was facing difficulty in taking classes and then training. So I decided to leave my academic year.”

As a result of this sacrifice, she won the gold medal in the 52 weight category in the senior women’s tournament. She was also named the best female fighter in the world. Fiza says that after returning, she decided to work as a trainer in the same academy where she used to practice.

She later won another gold medal at the World Innovation Championships in the Philippines in April 2019. The same year, she was elected to the UNESCO World Martial Arts Federation in South Korea. Once again, she had to give up another academic year to compete in the tournament, and again she won state honours.

Fiza managed to make a name for herself, but failed to share her happiness with her family, as communication services were terminated at that time after the abrogation of Article 370. Fiza recalls that my father came to know about my success through a news article in a local newspaper.
After returning to the country, many parents approached Fiza to train their children. She was a role model for other girls. So Fiza decided to start her own training academy.

In April 2019, Fiza opened her own academy called ‘Knock Out Girls’ in Rajbagh area of Srinagar. Since then he has trained many girls in his academy. In 2021, Fiza once again won the title of ‘Champion of Women’ in Kashmir organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Thing Say Association. The tournament was sponsored by Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council. Recently, she also went to Manipur for the championship. Here too, he won the gold medal. He was also selected for Khelo India 2021.

The environment for his game is very honest and she wants to make it her career. “I have sacrificed my education for martial arts and I want to pursue it as a full-fledged career,” she says. Injuries and ups and downs never stopped Sambha from chasing her dreams and she always reaches on time for her practice sessions.

She is the only member of her family who is pursuing a career in sports. She also gives credit to her family. Finally, Fiza says that the constant support of my parents has made me what I am today.


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