Did F-16 Romanian Aircraft attack Russian troops in Southern Ukraine? Here’s the Truth

Fact-Check: Did F-16 Romanian Aircraft attack Russian troops in Southern Ukraine? Here's the Truth

A claim has gone viral on social media site x(Twitter) stating that an F-16C aircraft, launched from the 86th base of the Romanian Air Force in Constanța on Jan 27, bombed a group of Russian soldiers in Kherson, Southern region of Ukraine. The claim has drawn a massive reaction from users on X(Twitter).

Taking to X(Twitter), a media and news company, Ukraine Front Lines wrote: ” F-16C aircraft that took off from the base of the Romanian Air Force in Constanta (86th Air Base) on 01.27.2024 at 03:22 carried out an air strike on the place of concentration of forces and assets of the units of the Russian Armed Forces area of the Brylivka settlement (Khersonsk, tot)”

Source: X(Twitter)
The archive version can be seen here.


To determine the authenticity of the above-posted news, the time headline team ran a keyword search and found a tweet on the official X Handle of the Romanian Ministry of National Defense refuting the above viral claim and considering it “fake news“.

Source: X(Twitter)

Moreover, we also found a media report from media outlet News Week stating that NATO ally Romania has dismissed an unverified report that an F-16 fighter aircraft took off from a base in the country to bomb Russian forces in occupied southern Ukraine.

Further, the report mentioned: ” Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Yurii Ihnat also told Newsweek early on Tuesday that the report was false. There has been no evidence that F-16s are yet operating in Ukrainian skies, nor even that the first batches of the aircraft have arrived on Ukrainian soil”.

Source: News Week and Top War

In addition to this, according to another media report from news website Top War, the Romanian military department disowned reports that appeared on the Internet that an F-16C fighter of the country’s air force, based at the air base in Constanta, entered Ukrainian airspace and even attacked Russian troops in the Kherson region. In Bucharest, they called  news outright fake and urged not to believe “this absurdity.” The Romanians also stated that the country’s air force does not have fighters in the F-16C variant. Further, the report revealed that The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces denied these rumours, the Romanian Ministry of Defense called them fake, and the Russian Ministry of Defense did not comment at all.


It is clear from time headline fact-check that the above-posted claim stating that F-16 Romanian Aircraft attacked Russian troops in Southern Ukraine is completely fake since Romanian Ministry of National Defense refuted this claim and called it fake news.

Analysis: Fake

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