Challenges to Democracy: Examining Pakistan’s 2024 Parliamentary Election

The 2024 election in Pakistan was marked by controversy and speculation regarding the military’s involvement.

Pakistan has a long history of political interference by their military power in their democratic structure. Voting concluded in Pakistan for the 2024 parliamentary election scheduled for 8th February in the midst of militant violence and alleged electoral misconduct.

Even the army’s handpicked, groomed and installed politicians somehow end up standing up to the army, where all their fate remains the same. In the months leading up to the election, there were reports of increased military presence in political affairs. International critics observed censorship and intimidation of opposition parties and independent media outlets and suspended mobile phone services across the nation.

During a period of political unrest, the election body’s rejection of former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nomination exacerbates concerns over the credibility of the electoral process. Supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party perceive the elections as marred by irregularities and lacking in legitimacy. This development underscores the fragile state of democratic institutions and the growing disillusionment among citizens regarding the fairness of the electoral system. As the nation grapples with these challenges, ensuring transparency and accountability in the electoral process becomes imperative for upholding the principles of democracy and fostering public trust in governance.

The question that still remains is whether the parliamentary election signifies progress towards a democratic state and the restoration of order, or merely serves as a facade for international observers and the establishment (Pakistan armed forces) still pull the strings. Skepticism persists regarding the extent of civilian authority, amid suspicions of continued manipulation by the establishment, including the influence of the Pakistan armed forces. Assessing the election’s efficacy in fostering genuine democratic principles demands scrutiny of its transparency, inclusivity, and adherence to constitutional processes. Until these concerns are addressed and tangible strides towards impartial governance are made, the veracity of Pakistan’s democratic journey remains subject to scrutiny both domestically and internationally.

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