Sarfabad, India – February 18, 2024 – Lotus Krishna Vidhya Bhavan, a school which was established by Social Activist, Educationist Poonam Mittal, to give the children whose mothers have not been schooled an education, opened its doors in the village of Sarfabad. Under the aegis of the Lotus Learning Foundation, a body registered with

the Government of India, the school is envisioned to be the best school.

The construction of Lotus Krishna Vidhya Bhavan is the turning point in the history of girl education since it marks the change in people’s mindset. The construction of the Lotus Krishna Vidhya Bhavan is a significant milestone in educating the society and changing the society’s perception on the girl’s education. The school’s principal, who despite the societal barriers, went to school to educate herself, serves as a shining example. In her community where girls were restricted from patriarchal traditions;

she overcame challenges and became an inspiration of empowerment and she is now the headmistress of the school.


The academic and cultural event was organized by Lotus Krishna Vidhya Bhavan to celebrate annual event on 18th February. The noted activist and Director of Awazekhwateen, Ratna Shukla Anand, presided over the event as the chief guest. In her speech, she stressed the potential of education as a transforming factor in society, saying that educating one girl child can lead to a better future for entire generations. Ratna Shukla Anand pledged that Awazekhwateen will actively support the endeavor of empowering girls through education.

Lotus Krishna Vidhya Bhavan is dedicated to the cultivation of young minds and the empowerment of girls through education creating a brighter and more inclusive future for Sarfabad and other regions.

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