Fact Check: The reality behind the attack on Rubymar Vessel, Has the ship sunk?

The reality behind the attack on Rubymar Vessel: Has the ship sunk? Read Fact-Check

An X user recently shared a picture of a cargo ship abandoned in the Gulf of Aden along with the claim “Yemen sunk a British ship this week, but made sure to rescue the entire 24-man crew of the RUBYMAR. They’re all safe.” The user then went on to praise Yemen and criticised the UK and US on how they conduct their own warfare. .

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To determine the reality of the photo and the claim that was shared, the team reverse-searched the image on Google. Meanwhile we traced the same image on various legitimate news sites and discovered that the information shared was not the complete truth. An article published in Reuters revealed that the crew abandoned the vessel after the attack and were later rescued by a commercial ship.

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Furthermore another article published in BBC shared new images of the same ship and also verified that the vessel Rubymar has only been damaged and not sunk.

Read the article here


Hence, from the above mentioned articles, it is evident that the claim made by the X user is not backed by any proper sources. Therefore, it is confirmed that the claim made by showing the photo of the vessel is false.

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