Shankaracharya’s disciples destroyed more Buddhist Stupas than Aurangzeb: Ramgopal Yadav

The disciples of Adi Shankaracharya were responsible for demolishing significantly more Buddhist stupas than the number of temples destroyed by Aurangzeb, said Prof. Ramgopal Yadav, the National Chief General Secretary of SP while addressing  gatherings commemorating Sant Ravidas Jayanti.

While not explicitly naming the BJP, he accused those in power of encroaching upon the fundamental rights of the populace.

Yadav highlighted the historical injustices within Hinduism, noting that Lord Buddha worked to rectify these, yet his stupas faced widespread destruction. He cautioned against forgetting this history, particularly in light of the current ruling powers. He emphasized the efforts of Ravidas ji and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in combating such injustices and ensuring constitutional safeguards for marginalized communities. However, he lamented that the present administration is eroding these rights through legislative measures contradicting the constitution.

Furthermore, Yadav criticized the undue influence exerted by the authorities in Delhi, asserting that it has stifled the judiciary and instilled fear, leading to widespread silence. He attributed his own presence and the attainment of justice by many to Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy of reservation policies, which he accused the current regime of dismantling, particularly evident in the outsourcing and contracting of lower-level jobs.

Praising the achievements of the SP government, Yadav came down heavily on both central and state governments. The program was presided over by Prem Singh Jatav, with notable attendees including Santosh Yadav, Vijendra Singh Contractor, Gaurav Yadav, Biri Singh Pradhan, Shailendra Singh Titu, Ravindra Singh Jatav, Narendra Singh Suman, Kuldeep Suman, and Rahul Yadav.

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