Video claiming bombardment of Kyiv, Ukraine debunked. Read Fact-Check

An X, (formerly known as Twitter) user @Ricky89841208, shared a viral video of a well-lighted city getting bombed along with the claim, “Kiev is beautiful but Zelensky will ruin it . What do you think ? WWIII”. This tweet has over 100 reposts and 700 likes.

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Following the user, other X accounts also shared the same Image with similar claims. Users such as @Dr RemingtonPHD , who claims to be an investigative journalist and reporter of geopolitical news also shared it on their page.


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To determine the reality of the video and the claim, the team reverse-searched the video by converting it into some keyframes. Meanwhile we found this video on YouTube which had similar keyframes and location. The video was posted by the CNN YouTube channel 7 years ago.

Watch the video

The video that the above users claimed to be the bombing of Kyiv on 22 March 2024 is actually the footage of Baghdad shot on 21st of March, 2003 .The aerial bombardment of Baghdad was intended as a show of force. Bombs were dropped on where intelligence incorrectly suggested Saddam Hussein might be hiding. This news was covered by several news channels like CNN, BBC and The Guardian


The team of Times Headline concluded that the claim made by the X users is misleading as it shows the footage was not of Kyiv in 2024 but of Baghdad in 2003. 

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