Two Jewish Zionist Leaders defeated due to abandonment by Christian Zionist Biden

By:Feroze Mithiborwala

7th October: Desperate Netanyahu laid a trap for Hamas, and Hamas entrapped Netanyahu in his own Trap. The Gaza Ghetto Uprising ensured that Palestine was back as the Numero Uno on the International Stage. The Central Moral & Geopolitical Issue of our times. Israel isolated internationally and deeply divided within.

14th April: An Ultra-Desperate Netanyahu, lays another Trap for Iran and this time Iran entraps Israel in its own Trap.

Desperado Netanyahu, unable to defeat the Hamas, unable to rescue the hostages, has committed War Crimes, a Genocide, a Holocaust in Gaza, isolated globally. A Biden worried about the elections in 2024, won’t allow Nutcase-yahoo to go into Rafah.

Crazy Psychopath Netanyahu decides to play the Iran 🇮🇷 card and attacks the Iranian consulate in Damascus, hoping for an Iranian retaliation, which he calculated would then draw in his closest trustworthy ally, the US & Nato into the certain war. But the US refused to bite the obvious bait. Iran warns of retaliation and hits Occupied Palestine/Israel.

Now what does Netanyahu do. If he hits back, Israel will be unable to sustain a long drawn out war, as clearly the Resistance Axis have the patience and forbearance and the staying power. Israel is a shock-&-awe army, not cut-out to sustain long wars.

So the choice before Israel is clear. Agree to a ceasefire, withdraw from Gaza, hostage exchange, and end the siege. Next, enter into time bound negotiations for a peaceful solution. Or the other choice is total war and Israel will be unable to fight over a long period, will lose.


Disclaimer: This article is the author’s individual scholastic contribution and does not necessarily reflect the Times Headline’s viewpoint.

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