Conference on World Majority held at Moscow, Passes wide range of Resolutions

Resolution on the results of the international scientific and practical conference «WORLD MAJORITY FOR A FAIR, EQUAL AND SECURE WORLD» which was held in Moscow, Russia, on April 26, 2024. After an indepth discussion on the basis of the papers and presentations of the participants from various nations, namely, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Moldova, Palestine, Russia & Syria, we resolved to pass the following set of resolutions. This was a process based on an earlier set of resolutions of February 17, 2024, and now unanimously passed with a number of additions emanating from the Moscow Conference.

1. We condemn any manifestations of discrimination on racial, religious or ethnic grounds.

2. We condemn the double standards regarding crimes against humanity.

3. We condemn the Israeli Colonial Occupation of Palestine. We also condemn the  military aggression against Palestine and the genocide of the Palestinian people. We demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of all Israeli armed forces and an end to the siege of Gaza. We call for the release of all Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli prisons and the simultaneous release of Israeli hostages. The reality is that the 2.3 million people of Gaza are being held prisoners in a concentration camp. This is true for the 7 million Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and all of historic Palestine, who are all prisoners living under a Israeli racist apartheid military occupation.

4. We demand that the Israeli leadership be held legally accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity. We therefore welcome the fact that South Africa has taken Israel to the International Criminal Court of Justice.

5. We condemn the war crimes of the Israeli army in Lebanon and the Occupation of Shebaa Farms.

6. We condemn the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights, which is the sovereign territory of Syria and demand the immediate withdrawal of the occupying forces of Turkey and the United States from the territory of Syria and Iraq.

7. We condemn the illegal and criminal missile attacks by the US and UK on the sovereign territory of Yemen.

8. We condemn the genocide of the Russian population in Ukraine and the ethnic cleansing of Armenians in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. We recognize the right of these peoples to live in dignity, freedom and security.

9. We express our solidarity with the peoples of Palestine, Donbass, Syria, Yemen & Nagorno-Karabakh.

10. We condemn any interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries by the United States and its allies. We consider illegal all unilateral sanctions and seizures of assets of sovereign states as a gross violation of international law.

11. We condemn the hegemonic and warmongering policies of the United States in the countries of Eurasia and Africa and the planned provocation of civil and inter-ethnic conflicts.

12. We condemn the policy of the United States and Western countries to poach qualified specialists. We also condemn the use of targeted migration by engineering wars, socio-political & economic instability, which in turn leads to a flow of refugees from Asia and Africa to European countries as a tool of hybrid warfare to destroy the identity of European peoples.

13. We condemn the transformation & weaponisation  of international political, economic, cultural and sports organizations, as well as health care organizations, such as the G7, WHO, IMF, UEFA, WADA, IOC, etc., into instruments of political pressure on sovereign countries. We believe that the headquarters of all these organizations, which are located in the USA and Western Europe, now need to be transferred & relocated to the Euro-Asian or African continents, or to Latin American countries.

14. We condemn the militarization of space.

15. We support the Joint Statement of the BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Relations adopted in Cape Town, South Africa, on June 1, 2023, as a roadmap for a fruitful constructive dialogue and the empowerment of the global majority. We also support the idea of strengthening and solidarity of the world majority, namely Euro-Asia, Africa, Latin America. We stand for building a fair, equal and multipolar world order.

16. We recognize BRICS as a model for a future fair, equitable and secure world order and thus welcome the expansion of the BRICS Plus. It is in this context that we look forward to the forthcoming BRICS Plus Conference to be held in Khazan, Russia in October 2024 It promises to be a path-breaking event which will further the cause of a Multipolar World Order.

17. We call on the countries of the international majority to unite in the name of peace, social & political stability, economic equitability & security for all.

18. We propose to begin the process of creating alternative international organizations to replace those that have discredited themselves. New alternative international organizations should be based on the principles of equality, respect and sovereignty of participating nations.

19. We propose to create an international Center for Friendship and Solidarity and Think Tank of the World Majority and regional centers for providing legal support to countries fighting against the Anglo-American dictate.

20. We stand for religious harmony, mutual respect, tolerance, pluralism, diversity and acceptance between all the religious communities and believing people of the world.

We therefore reject the notion of religious supremacism & exceptionalism. We further reject the supremacist belief based on the highly backward notion of a supposed “Chosen People of God”. All the major religions and spiritual paths teach us that we are all the children or the creation of the same God, of the same Divine source, and none are high or low, we are all equal.

Clearly, the imperialistic forces are systematically promoting hatred, fear, violence, with an agenda to create wars in the name of religion.

We must therefore strive to foster the message of universal love, unity, peace, justice, fraternity and equality for all human beings.

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