Awaaz-e-Khawateen’s health camp in Hapur


Health camp by Awaz-e-Khwateen in Hapur
Over hundred women got health check-ups done
Survey conducted on cervical and breast Cancer.

The district of Hapur in Uttar Pradesh adjoining Delhi, is an ancient city. This city was founded in 983 AD by Raja Hari Singh. Which is it was named Haripura, which later became Hapur over time. Now a part of Delhi NCR with a population around 1.3 million, this city is famous all over India for manufacturing thin Indian wafer (Papad) and Steel tubes.

In the village of Loti adjoining Hapur city,  Awaz-e-Khwateen organized a health camp and awareness program in partnership with Yatharth Super Speciality hospital from Greater Noida. Over 100 women from the village got their health check ups done at this camp. Ratna Shulka Anand, Director of Awaz-e-Khwateen stated that the women are the pillars and backbones of the household. Therefore, women have to pay more attention to their health. But it is always the opposite as women are so occupied with the household chores that they neglect their own health. That’s why we go to the villages and organize health camps, making the women aware about their health issues.

After check-ups Dr. Shiv Kumar from Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital said that most elderly women who came are suffering from Diabetes, BP and thyroid issues. They were given necessary medicines and advice. Dr. Wasim said those who came for eye check-ups were advised to get their eyes checked atleast once a year.

Gulafshan, who came for a health check-up said in response to a question that girls have the capability to do a lot of things. But for that it is necessary that girls get opportunities for education and space for doing things. Their marriages should not happen in childhood itself. Ramsha said that child marriage causes a lot of psychological and mental problems and harm to health of the girl. Parents should not hurry their daughters into marriage. In the village of Loti in Uttar Pradesh, local youth Md. Shakib said that there is no hospital here. If someone falls ill, he has to be taken to a hospital in Meerut or Hapur for treatment.


During the health camp, Awaaz-e-Khawatin also conducted a survey among women about cervical cancer, its HPV vaccine, and breast cancer. It was found that 89% of women were not aware of cervical cancer, even though most had undergone a surgical operation to remove uterus.

96% women did not know about the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer. Additionally, 47% women were unaware of breast cancer. The survey report indicates a need to raise health awareness among women in these areas. Assistant Manage Pawan Chauhan, Dr. Shiv Kumar and Dr. Wasim from Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital played an important role in making this program a success.

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