Times Headline is a non-partisan media organization that stands as a beacon of reliability in the realm of news dissemination. Our mission is to ensure the accurate spread of information, acting as a trustworthy source for our audience. At Times Headline, we operate as a digital media channel with a specific focus on representing marginalized sections of society. Our reporting revolves around crucial issues related to caste, social justice, and human rights.Through our multifaceted platform, we deliver a diverse range of content, including articles, opinions, and fact-checks, to keep our readers well-informed and empowered.

The legal entity behind Times Headline is a not-for-profit (Section 8) company called INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS FOUNDATION (CIN: U85300DL2021NPL390129).

Our Core Values:

  1. Accuracy: We prioritize factual reporting and adhere to the highest standards of accuracy in all our publications.
  2. Independence: As an independent media outlet, we remain free from external influence, allowing us to present unbiased perspectives and diverse viewpoints.
  3. Transparency: We believe in transparency and accountability, providing our audience with insight into our editorial processes and decision-making.
  4. Media Literacy Advocacy: At Times Headline, we recognize the critical importance of media literacy in today’s information age. We actively engage in initiatives to enhance media literacy among our audience. Through informative articles and dedicated sections, we strive to educate our readers on discerning credible sources, fact-checking, and critical thinking in navigating the vast landscape of digital information.

What Sets Us Apart:

  1. Comprehensive Reporting: Our articles cover a wide spectrum of topics, ensuring a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of current events.
  2. Opinions and Perspectives: We provide a platform for diverse opinions, encouraging healthy discourse and the exchange of ideas.
  3. Fact-Checking: In an era of misinformation, our dedicated fact-checking team works diligently to verify claims and debunk false information, contributing to a more informed public.

Fact-Checking Methodology at Times Headline:

  1. Identification of the Claim:  Our fact-checking process begins with actively monitoring various sources, including news reports, social media, and public statements, to identify claims that warrant scrutiny. We prioritize claims that have the potential to influence public perception or contribute to misinformation.
    We engage in fact-checking without bias or political allegiance, adhering strictly to a standardized process for every claim, regardless of its controversial nature. Our thorough examination aims to simplify the explanation of a claim using accessible language, ensuring that readers can easily grasp the facts without encountering unnecessary complexity.
  2. Fact-Checking the Claim: In this phase, we employ a rigorous fact-checking methodology, including: 
     – Source Evaluation: Assessing the credibility and reputation of the sources involved in making or refuting the claim.
     – Cross-Referencing: Comparing information from multiple reliable sources to validate or debunk the claim.
    Expert Consultation: Seeking input from subject matter experts to ensure a comprehensive understanding of complex topics.
    Historical Context: Considering historical data and context to provide a well-rounded perspective on the claim.
    Data Analysis: Utilizing statistical analysis and data verification tools to assess the accuracy of quantitative claims.
  1. Tools utilized in the process: Times Headline employs a range of specialized tools to enhance the accuracy of its fact-checking process. These include the use of reverse image searches to verify the authenticity of visuals accompanying a claim, ensuring transparency in the origins and context of images. Additionally, the organization utilizes web archive services to retrieve historical versions of web pages, providing valuable context by examining past iterations of online content. By integrating these tools, We strive to fortify the reliability of its findings, offering well-substantiated and accurate information to its audience.
  1. Writing the Fact Check: After thoroughly looking into a claim, our team puts together a straightforward and easy-to-follow report following the mentioned steps. We make sure to include source links for transparency and structure our fact-check reports in a way that presents a clear and well-supported summary of our findings.

  2. Concluding the Claim as Fake or Misleading: After a meticulous examination, we draw a conclusion regarding the accuracy of the claim. Our findings are presented transparently, with clear distinctions between verified facts, misinformation, and any nuances discovered during the investigation.
    Fake: If the evidence overwhelmingly contradicts the claim, we classify it as fake.

    Misleading:  When a claim contains elements of truth but is presented in a way that distorts its overall meaning or implications, we categorize it as misleading.

    Our commitment to accuracy and transparency guides every step of the fact-checking process, reinforcing Times Headline’s dedication to providing reliable and credible information to our audience.

Correction Policy

At Times Headline, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and transparency in our fact-checking process. We understand that errors may occasionally occur, and when identified, we take prompt and responsible action to correct them.


Times Headline relies entirely on public donations and funding to sustain its operations. Generous contributions from our well-wishers enable us to continue our valuable work. We kindly ask our audience to consider supporting us by donating using the details provided below:

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