Meet the Team at Times Headline:

At Times Headline, our diverse team combines experience, passion, and expertise to ensure accurate, reliable, and engaging content for our readers. Each member plays a crucial role in contributing to our commitment to journalistic integrity and excellence.

Amit Sengupta

Amit Sengupta, a seasoned journalist and academic, serves as our Consulting Editor. With an extensive career in mainstream media, including roles at Hindustan Times, Economic Times, Pioneer, Asian Age, and more, Amit brings a wealth of experience. He has also held positions such as Executive Editor of Hardnews and Associate Professor of English Journalism at IIMC, Delhi. Currently contributing to national and international media, Amit enriches our team with his profound knowledge and teaching expertise in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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Consulting Editor

Kush Ambedkar

Kush Ambedkar is the Editor and Political Analyst at Times Headline. With experience as a TV News Panelist and Columnist for well-known publications like ThePrint, Newsclick, Sabrang, Siyasat, and TheWire.In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he actively conducts research and occasionally contributes as a journalist

Priyanshi Jain

Priyanshi Jain, a final-year student pursuing Journalism and Media Management at Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences, is a valuable member of our team. Having transitioned from event management to content writing, Priyanshi brings a unique blend of skills and interests to Times Headline.

Sub Editor
Fact Checker

Azra Ali

Azra Ali, a postgraduate from Jamia Millia University in Journalism, serves as our Senior Fact Checker and Researcher. With prior experience as a freelance journalist contributing to international and national media outlets like AlJazeera, The Indian Express, and more, Azra brings a passion for meticulous fact-checking and thorough research to our team.

Ramiz Raza

Ramiz Raza, our Junior Fact Checker, holds a degree in journalism and is characterized by a keen interest in research and writing. As an avid reader and keen observer, Ramiz contributes to our fact-checking endeavors with a fresh perspective and dedication.

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Sub Editor
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Junior Fact Checker

Sanaul Mustafa

Sanaul Mustafa, pursuing a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Jamia Millia University, serves as our Junior Fact Checker. With a postgraduate background and a profound interest in Islamic studies, Sanaul brings a unique perspective to our fact-checking team.