Madrassa, Girls & Indian Constitution.

Madrassa, Girls & Indian Constitution


While the nation celebrated the 26th of January, Awazekhwateen took a very unique initiative by inviting students from the Jamia Fatima Niswa Madrassa to their premises. This special Republic Day event that focused on creating an interactive and learning session, educating young minds about civilian rights, the importance of the Indian Constitution, and the celebration of Republic Day.

Interactive Session:

The most exciting part of the event was a riveting conversation between students and Awazekhwateen’s director Ratna Shukla Anand. Interesting conversations were
focused on women’s constitutional rights, the importance of the constitution to every Indian, and the historical significance of Republic Day. The session served as a stage for the girls, through which they could reveal their thoughts and learn about the democratic essence of the nation.

Thought-Provoking Discussions:

The session was interactive and the young minds shared a wide range of ideas that gave them an insight into what defines our nation through the constitutional principles. The interchange of ideas and opinions turned out to be one of the affirmations of progress in creation of informed citizens on the basis of education and dialogue.


Patriotic Performances:

After the informative discussions, girls from Jamia Fatima Niswa displayed their talents in performances and also sang patriotic songs dedicated to the Republic Day. The air was full of the sense of oneness and patriotism as they revered the virtues that define the very meaning of what the day stands for.



The republic day of Awazekhwateen with the students of Jamia Fatima Niswa showcased all the elements of inclusivity and education. The event thus not only celebrated Republic Day, but also gave a chance to air views and opinions while instilling knowledge and patriotism in the young minds. Such endeavors work towards creating a more knowledgeable and unified community, where varying opinions share the common foundation of the nation’s heritage.

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