Image of Taylor Swift wearing an Anti-Trump T-shirt: Doctored or Real?

Image of Taylor Swift wearing an Anti-Trump T-shirt: Doctored or Real?

Several images of the pop-icon Taylor Swift are being circulated across social media, mainly on X (formerly Twitter) advertising merchandise with the same design. The image appears to show Taylor Swift wearing an anti-Donald Trump T-shirt with the phrase, “Nope. Not again.” on it.

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Subsequently, several other people shared this image expressing their desire for the same T-shirt.

The post also includes links to websites selling the same T-shirt with this design. The shirt features a caricature that resembles former President Trump’s hairstyle and a red tie, along with the text – “Nope. Not again.”

Link to the shop

Many users believe it to be an authentic image of the famous singer-songwriter, whose influence has made her a regular target to propagate conspiracy theories and misinformation.


The Time Headline team conducted a reverse-image search of the above viral image to verify the claim made by social media users. Meanwhile, we found this image of Taylor Swift.


This headshot of Taylor Swift was captured during the 2019 “Times 100 Gala” in New York City by the photographer Taylor Hill.

Hill’s original portrait shows Taylor with the same expression, hairstyle, and makeup and wearing the same jeweled floral headpiece as the image of her wearing the anti-trump T-shirt. However in the original photograph taken during “Times 100 Gala,” she is wearing a floor-length pink dress with yellow highlights.


It is proved from the Time Headline Fact-check that the viral image of Taylor Swift is an edited photo of her original headshot that was photographed by Taylor HillHence the image of her displayed in online shops and circulated in social media is fake.

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