Pro-Palestinian Student Protesters Amplify Voices for Justice. Why, where & how.

Pro-Palestinian Student Protesters Amplify Voices for Justice.

The widespread mobilization of thousands of students across over 130 colleges and universities in the US to protest against the ongoing conflict in Gaza reflects a significant wave of activism and solidarity. The sheer number of participants highlights the depth of concern and commitment among students to advocate for regional peace and justice.

what’s happening?

The trouble in Gaza began with an attack from Hamas on October 7, which led to Israel responding with its strikes. This situation has motivated students to get involved and take action. They’re planning and participating in various protests such as rallies, sit-ins, and setting up camps to express their opposition to the ongoing war. Moreover, they’re calling for their universities to cut ties with Israeli institutions as a way to protest against the conflict.

These protests have drawn support from a diverse range of people, including students, teachers, and activists, who come from different backgrounds and beliefs, such as Jewish and Muslim communities. Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace are among the groups leading these protests. They aim to raise awareness about the situation in Gaza and advocate for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


Pro-Palestinian Student Protesters Amplify Voices for Justice.
Pro-Palestinian Student Protesters Amplify Voices for Justice.

Why did pro – Palestinian start the protest?

The encampments began last month, with scores of Columbia University students building tents on campus lawns while the university’s president spoke before Congress on antisemitism. A day later, police came in and detained the demonstrators, igniting a wave of action at other campuses around the United States. Activists rapidly established up camp at Columbia, eventually moving into an academic building.

Protesters’ demands include disconnecting financial relations with Israel, transparency, ending collaborations with Israeli organizations, and amnesty. Universities have punished and expelled student demonstrators, even evicting them from campus dormitories.


Biggest student movement of 21st century: Pro-Palestinian protests spread across global campuses

Pro-Palestinian Student Protesters Amplify Voices for Justice.
George Washington University pro-Palestinian encampment

List of pro-Palestinian protests on university campuses in the United States in 2024

How do universities handle the ongoing protests?

Some colleges are negotiating with student activists, while others are issuing ultimatums, prompting police action. Northwestern University, near Chicago, came to an arrangement with protesters to limit the size of the campsite. Similarly, at Brown University, school officials agreed to hold a divestment vote in October in exchange for students removing their encampments. These agreements illustrate certain institutions’ readiness to address student issues through communication and compromise, which could lead to a more collaborative approach to addressing campus conflicts. However, they also illustrate the intricate interplay between student activity, institutional policies, and administrative responses.


Pro-Palestinian Student Protesters Amplify Voices for Justice
New York City police officers entered the campus of Columbia University, taking multiple people into custody.⁠

Mapping protest

Some employers are reluctant to hire college grads who attended pro-Palestinian protests

Has protesting worked?

University groups supporting Palestine have asked their universities to support a movement called BDS. BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, which is a way to oppose Israel. No American university has agreed to fully support BDS, but some have stopped certain financial ties with Israel in the past. People who support BDS believe that even though it may not directly change the situation in Gaza, it will show who benefits from the conflict and bring attention to their cause. In response, Israel has banned some BDS groups from entering the country.


‘None of us are free until PALESTINE

‘From the river to the sea PALESTINE  will be free

–  pro-Palestine




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